Company Profile

ABW Engineering is an Australian owned business nominally employing 20 people, which has been operating in Sydney since 1960.

We design and manufacture electrical transformers and associated wire wound components for various applications such as industrial, medical, telecommunications and defence.

We can design and build power transformers from 1VA to 1MVA, as well as various other components including, but not restricted to, ferrite components, current transformers, voltage transformers, inductors, line filters, stopper circuits, toroidal components, power factor correction reactors or chokes and auto-starter transformers.

Vacuum epoxy encapsulation or vacuum varnishing of our products is available if required by the customer.

We also have tool room and press shop facilities which allow us to easily customise our products in order to suit customer requirements.


"To succeed in our aim, we not only compete on price and delivery, but also in terms of technical excellence, quality and reliability… Equally we recognise that each of our personnel are a vital ingredient to the success of our Policy and therefore we ensure they are trained to utilise the company quality management system.'